Intermediate level knowledge in Statistics is necessary. There is no time to provide basic knowledge, so we will need to assume that accepted candidates have self-assessed for it in the following areas:

  • probability
  • conditional probability
  • distributions
  • statistical tests
  • hypothesis testing
  • inference

This level can also be obtained by attending another course in GTPB: The IBSTAT course.

Basic Familiarity with the R environment will be necessary. Please follow the exercise that we provide. Install R from following the instructions. Download and unzip the Tutorial folder that is made available here.

  • Visualize the slides in “Tutorial R.pdf”
  • Follow the exercise in “Basic_Exercise.pdf”
  • For reference, we also provide a script with a correct set of R statements in sequence “Tutorial_script.R”

Additionally, we suggest that candidates acquire familiarity with RStudio by visiting the following resources:

  • Introduction to RStudio (basics)
  • Tutorial R and R Studio (complete)

R Studio will be used in the course to ease-up interaction and increase productivity, but people that prefer the original R environment on the command line will be able to follow that preference


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